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For millennia the Earth and her inhabitants have been subjected to a world where news, education, and other information are strictly controlled by a few parties with very specific, selfish and unsustainable agendas. As a result of this, the information from mainstream sources has entrained its audience to severely limited thinking and knowledge.

Decades ago a call was put out to do something about this. The call was answered, slowly but surely. Many came to help. Among them was truth-seeker Dolores Cannon, who spoke of the “three waves of volunteers” – three generations of people who agreed to come to Earth to help hold space and energy for healing following eons of war and strife. These “waves” of people have arrived. And now it’s time for some major healing for both Earth and her inhabitants.

For this healing, among the many things that need to happen is the sharing of truth: The way things wrongfully were, and also possibly the way how they should be or could be. These past, present and future truths cover the gamut, and span far into areas that many people think of as fantastic or even impossible. But…

The universe is so large, so filled with what could be.

Galactic Star℠ seeks to expand knowledge by sharing not only hot and trending current (and even future) news, but also a fair amount of information that has been around for a long time, but was suppressed. While many postings here have to do with what we know as science and apparently magical things, realize that both science and magic are two sides of the same coin: Both words come from two different languages (Greek and Latin), yet both words essentially mean: knowledge.

Galactic Star℠ – News and Info for the New Galaxy℠

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