Why Galactic Star℠?

For millennia the Earth and her inhabitants have been subjected to a world where news, education, and other information are strictly controlled by a few parties with very specific, selfish and unsustainable agendas. As a result of this, the information from mainstream sources has entrained its audience to severely limited thinking and knowledge.

Decades ago a call was put out to do something about this. The call was answered, slowly but surely. Many came to help. Among them was truth-seeker Dolores Cannon, who spoke of the “three waves of volunteers” – three generations of people who agreed to come to Earth to help hold space and energy for healing following eons of war and strife. These “waves” of people have arrived. And now it’s time for some major healing for both Earth and her inhabitants.

For this healing, among the many things that need to happen is the sharing of truth: The way things wrongfully were, and also possibly the way how they should be or could be. These past, present and future truths cover the gamut, and span far into areas that many people think of as fantastic or even impossible. But…

The universe is so large, so filled with what could be.

Galactic Star℠ seeks to expand knowledge by sharing not only hot and trending current (and even future) news, but also a fair amount of information that has been around for a long time, but was suppressed. While many postings here have to do with what we know as science and apparently magical things, realize that both science and magic are two sides of the same coin: Both words come from two different languages (Greek and Latin), yet both words essentially mean: knowledge.

Galactic Star℠ – News and Info for the New Galaxy℠

About Journalistic Integrity & Sources

For those who have been following journalism in recent years, the trade has taken a severe beating. Traditional fact- or evidence-based journalism has essentially been thrown away and replaced by sensational and heavily biased “reporting” – mostly by parroting agenda-based rhetoric provided by the few large media corporations that own the world’s mainstream media outlets.

Please keep in mind that many people (perhaps including you?) have been trained to accept the news propagated by the mainstream media as incontestable truth. While much news is indeed truthful, as time goes on it becomes more clear for certain topics there is an intentional muddying of the waters: There has been truth mixed with untruth, omission of telling the truth, outright lies, and “manufacturing of truth”.

While Galactic Star℠ strives to share truth, remember that much of the content in these pages covers suppressed knowledge. As a consequence of this suppression, many times “conventional”, “traditional”, or “industry-standard” supportive content is difficult or impossible to find. In these cases, please keep in mind that in lieu of conventional journalistic and/or scientific validation and cross-checking, the sheer volume and logical procession puzzle-pieces of information from disparate places may have to suffice as the only source of information:

  • One perfect example of such “sheer-volume” validation from multiple sources is the existence of at least one Secret Space Program (SSP) as related in the testimonies provided by William Tompkins, Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, and John Lear – among hundreds of others – corroborate the existence of such a space program.
  • Other validations also may be based on chains of evidence linked through deductive reasoning of the kind documented in the decades-long reporting shared by Dr. Michael Salla and Kerry Cassidy (of Project Camelot). Collectively these two sources (among many others) constitute a mass of greatly overlapping evidence on specific topics.
  • Yet another “sheer-volume” validation may come from a single source, such as with the tens of thousands of patients “interviewed” by Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) founder Dolores Cannon. QHHT has been on the scene for decades and has conducted literally tens of thousands of interview sessions conducted by the hundreds of certified QHHT practitioners across the globe – practitioners whom Cannon taught over the span of nearly 60 years. These sessions comprise an overwhelming conglomerate of evidence derived from patients’ past-life QHHT regressions, as well as the countless corroborating topics uncovered in these sessions.

Errors & Omissions (Legal)

Even the “best” of journalistic outlets are subject to errors in reporting, and the lack of available information may affect this platform also. While reasonable effort is made to do research on the content shared here, absolute accuracy and flawlessly complete reporting cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, ultimately for legal reasons all the content on these pages must be considered as mere opinion and/or for entertainment purposes only.

Scope of Coverage

Galactic Star℠ – News & Info for the New Galaxy℠

As the name and slogan above suggest, the scope of coverage here is not limited to this planet Earth (aka Gaia) that we occupy. Recent disclosures in space technologies hint at already existing interplanetary travel. As Gaia and her social, political, and economic landscapes open up, news of amazing technologies will become available. Expect to see them reported here.


Quantum News & Information Sources

At the core of some hot upcoming news items will be quantum-based technologies.

Remember this word: Quantum.

Editor’s Note: Probable upcoming popular news will cover the announcement of a Quantum Financial System (QFS). As of this writing (January 18, 2020) the QFS has not been announced, but is likely soon to be announced. This news will likely be announced in connection to NESARA and GESARA. (Research those terms yourself as they are not on-topic for what’s being discussed here).

But what is “quantum”?

As of January 2020, our beloved online dictionary does no justice in clearly defining the word “quantum” in layman’s terms. For the sake of simplicity, let us say that quantum involves:

  • Quantum Interconnection The more mainstream term is “quantum entanglement”. But this is a term made popular in recent years in discussion among brainy theoretical physicists and high-tech academicians, both of whom are famous for talking about things in ways that make them look brainy and theoretical (that’s where they get their taxpayer-funded research grant money!). Basically, this “entanglement” means that things literally everything is interconnected in inconceivably simple and complex ways. Ideas, economics, politics, thoughts, feelings, humanity… You name it: Everything is connected. The word “entanglement” implies quantum is a big mess. Not necessarily. So maybe it’s better to say to say that everything demonstrates quantum interconnection.
  • High Tech In the near future, news items will cast quantum in an extremely high-tech light. Quantum can be like this, but not necessarily so. But because we as a collective have been trained for decades to think that high-tech is the only thing to pay attention to, the notion of high-tech (for now) will be at the fore. After some time (likely after a very long time), people will begin to see the universe as quantum (interconnected) in nature, and people will be able to integrate quantum technology into their everyday lives. But for now this notion seems far in the future.
  • Non-Linear We are accustomed to receiving things in a timely and logically progressive fashion. Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It follows a timeline. But what if we were to say that the information shared on this news portal would sometimes be presented in a piecemeal and non-linear fashion? Outside of time? Not bound by time? Well, that’s partly what quantum means!

How does quantum affect the news reported here? This is a big deal, and it will be a strong differentiating factor in how Galactic Star℠ reports news and information.

As mentioned above, conventional “traditional” news and information are very limited. Information sources are limited, too. So not only will this mean that not only what gets reported will be different, but also from where the information comes. For example:

  • What gets reported As the name Galactic Star℠ implies, the news here is Galactic. So that includes news relevant not only to Earth (Gaia), but also elsewhere. Mars, Jupiter, our solar system. But not only that, some news will sometimes come from other realms or dimensions. Scientists have recently turned their magnifying glass more often toward such topics as dimensional travel and alternate realities. Quantum news can include literally everything and anything.
  • From where news and info gets reported For the most part, news here will come from conventional news sources. But further in left-field it will come from discussions between or from people who have received quantum information from non-conventional sources. By “non-conventional” news, I’ll cite two possible examples here:
    * Testimony from a super-soldier who was taken back in time to serve in an off-world military location (the so-called “twenty and back” secret military program). In recent years there are many (perhaps hundreds) of people who claim to have part a part of this program.
    * Oral or written messages from a psychic who wishes to share information relevant to the people of the Earth.

Depending on your background, such news may be laughable.

But as time goes on, more and more people will awaken to the quantum nature of reality. People will see that “left-field” information and news sources are not so far-fetched. And people are already ready to receive information from these non-conventional sources.

These are the people for whom Galactic Star℠ is dedicated. Thank you for landing here and having a look!

Galactic Star℠ – News and Info for the New Galaxy℠


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